Hands down best chocolate brownie I've had in years. How it can be vegan and gluten-free on top of that is just inexplicable to me!

Oscar, London

I absolutely love the Italian Almond Cookies. Each bite is soft and chewy, sweet and lemony. How something so delicious is a free-from treat is beyond me. Perfect with coffee after a meal - or any time of day if you're me!

Clare, Wallington

Mind blowing flavours, hard to believe they are all free-from. The chocolate cherry brownie was smooth with wonderful, rich flavour – certainly not one to share! I loved the Italian Almond & Lemon Cookies, lovely nutty texture with fresh lemon flavour.

Pauline, Dunfermline

Always willing to try new things, embraced the BakeMeister sample box of goodies with gusto. Boy, was I not disappointed! My favourite product was the Oat Blueberry & Walnut Cookies – they looked, smelt and tasted delicious, far beyond my expectation of a “free-from” product.

Deborah, Kent

The Italian Almond & Lemon Cookies are so delicious- crunchy outside gorgeousness with a slightly chewy lemon texture inside, and the Chocolate Bundt Cake was also delicious- I couldn't believe all of the products are free-from, taste definitely not compromised.

Izzie, Warlingham

Finally, a tasty range of free-from cakes and cookies my 5-year-old with an egg allergy can enjoy!

Mel, Surrey